Saturday, June 10, 2006

GiaQuinta Questions Ethics Associated with Major Moves

March 13, 2006

Phil GiaQuinta, Democratic candidate for State Representative (D-80), today questioned the ethics surrounding the possible passage of Major Moves.

“I am opposed to what is happening in Indianapolis to get Major Moves passed,” said GiaQuinta. “This bill should be renamed “Major Shananagans” because that’s what we’ve gotten from Governor Daniels with his effort to lease the toll road.”

GiaQuinta cited two examples:

“First, the legislators from the toll road counties were promised millions for their counties in order to secure their votes. There is absolutely no evidence to back up claims that these counties will spend millions more in road repair. Residents of Allen and other counties become the big losers since there is less money to spread among them.” said GiaQuinta. “It’s clear that without a study proving the adverse impact to Toll Road counties, these payoffs violate basic equal protection, requiring the State to treat all citizens equally. If Major Moves can’t pass without political payoffs to secure votes, than it shouldn’t pass at all,” said GiaQuinta.

“Second, during this session and the debate on Major Moves, the Daniels’ Administration offered two Democrat Legislators jobs. I believe it is wrong for the Executive Branch of Sate Government to offer jobs to members of the Legislative Branch while important legislation is pending,” said GiaQuinta. “In our system of government, citizens depend upon the State Legislature to provide a check and balance over the Governor. Offering jobs to sitting legislators smacks of vote buying. It is flat-out wrong.”

“Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this has happened,” said GiaQuinta. “After Representative Troy Woodruff (R-Vincennes) cast the deciding vote for daylight savings time, his wife received a job in state government. When I am elected, I will propose legislation that prohibits legislators or their immediate family members from taking state jobs within six months from the end of a legislative session.”

“The citizens of Indiana should have confidence knowing that their legislators will cast their votes based on the merit of the legislation, not to line their pockets. Those who violate this sacred trust should be held accountable.”

GiaQuinta calls for Review of BMV Policies

March 2, 2006

Phil GiaQuinta, Democrat candidate for State Representative (D-80), called on BMV Commissioner Joel Silverman to conduct a fact finding review of how his policies have impacted the operation of license branches in Allen County and across the state.

“As a candidate for State Representative, it’s my job to respond to constituent’s questions and concerns,” said GiaQuinta. “I’ve had several calls regarding the poor service at our license branches. Folks are very frustrated at waiting two hours just to renew their plates or driver’s license. What’s most concerning to me, is that when I left my position as District Manager of the BMV license branches in Allen County, wait times were less than 15 minutes. The question I have for Mr. Silverman, what went wrong?”

GiaQuinta cited several areas that Silverman needs to address:

  • Closing of area license branches: What has the impact of closing the smaller branches had on Allen County branches?

  • The STARS computer system: Why do transactions take so long to complete? The Bureau needs to look at the STARS system and determine if it’s capable of properly handling a high volume of transactions.

  • Express renewal line: Why was the express line for plate renewals eliminated?

  • Staffing: Why are the branches understaffed? The Southgate license branch used to employee 23, now they only employ 19.

  • Employee morale: Why is morale down? Is it because the Commissioner removed clocks and employee recognition awards from the walls of the branches?

“The citizens of Allen County deserve better service from their State Government,” GiaQuinta said. “If we don’t see improvements soon, Governor Daniels should strongly consider a change in management.”

Phil GiaQuinta, Utilities Services Manager for the City of Fort Wayne, and elected member of the Wayne Township Advisory Board, served as BMV District Manager for northeast Indiana from 1997-2000.

Phil GiaQuinta Announces Candidacy for Indiana

GiaQuinta legacy to continue as son seeks to replace father’s position as Indiana State Representative

Monday, February 20, 2006

Fort Wayne, Ind—Democrat Phil GiaQuinta announced his intention to run for Indiana House of Representatives 80th District on Friday, February 17, 2006. After serving seven terms as a state representative, Phil’s father Ben GiaQuinta revealed last Thursday, February 16, that he will retire. Hopeful to continue his father’s legacy, GiaQuinta has already outlined his support of key issues including local and state property tax reform, full-day kindergarten, economic development, job creation and citizen advocacy.

“Today I embark on a new chapter of service,” GiaQuinta said. “It is with excitement tempered with the respect for the shoes I intend to fill that I announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for the Indiana House of Representatives 80th District.

Currently, GiaQuinta works as the utilities services manager for Fort Wayne city utilities and serves as a member of the Wayne Township Advisory Board, president of Fairmont neighborhood association, member of the Community Harvest Food Bank board of directors.

“I have lived in the 80th district all my life,” GiaQuinta said. “I was born at St. Joe, played football in Foster Park, worked a summer job across from Packard Park and graduated from South Side. I moved back to the same neighborhood because it has always been home. With your support I will be given the opportunity to help make the area where I grew up a better place and live up to the legacy of a man who taught me the meaning of giving to others.”